St. Anthony’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2017

Some thoughts from Fr. Larry

Seventeen parishioners from the Cluster of Parishes arrived back from Lourdes last week.  You could say the experience left us renewed, refreshed and also exhausted.  It is almost impossible to explain the experience of Lourdes if you have not been there yourself.  We were part of the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage.  We all went for a reason whether young or old, ill or well from Ireland or Italy, we all brought our hopes, worries, concerns and prayers.  It is a mixture of fun, friendship and faith in Our Lady.  Everybody finds time for their thoughts and prayers.  The silence and atmosphere around the Grotto is special.  The anointing of the Sick Mass is powerful.  The energy, enthusiasm and generosity of the young people is inspiring and remind us that the future is in good hands.  The invalids teach us so much about courage, faith and a trust in God.  A visit to the Baths is a must!  My sister queued for six hours (missing her lunch) but said she would not have missed it for the world.  It is good to get back home, but there is an awareness that something has shifted in our lives.  Something touches that broadens your perspective and renews your Spirit.  Of course all of this was put to the test when we had to wait almost an hour for our bags at Dublin Airport .  Back to earth with a bang!  Nobody complained, so maybe the Holy Water was working!

Fr. Larry