Following the announcement in last week’s newsletter some parishioners have asked for clarification on certain aspects and the statement below has been prepared on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council

There is a huge problem for many people who are elderly or who have a disability in finding suitable homes. As a Christian community and society, we have a duty and an obligation to help our fellow human beings and provide for their needs.

The members of the Parish Pastoral Council are very much aware of the concerns of local Residents and Parishioners in relation to what sort of development might take place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Parish Pastoral Council has worked hard to try to come up with proposals that, whilst assisting our less fortunate people, will accommodate local residents concerns.

*Approximately one-third of the Field to remain as open space, for use by members of our Community and for Parish events

*The height of the proposed development will not be more than three storeys, which is similar in height to the surrounding houses on St. Lawrence and Hollybrook Roads and lower than the trees, which are growing on both sides of the proposed site. The intention is to retain most of the trees, but if any have to be removed (e.g. if in a dangerous condition) they will be replaced.

*The number of proposed units is likely to be between 35 and 40 and will comprise mostly one bedroom apartments with a small number of two bedroom apartments.

*The development will focus primarily on people from The Dublin City Council (DCC) Social Housing lists for elderly people and for people with a disability. The prospective tenants will be screened for suitability by DCC in consultation with SOPHIA.  The screening process will include Garda vetting.

After discussions with a number of  Approved Housing Bodies, the PPC has opted to go with Sophia (www.sophia.ie) because of its reputation for constructing high-quality accommodation for people who need it, including accommodation for elderly and people with a disability, which is sympathetic to its environment; the wrap-around support they provide for residents; their reputation for good management of their facilities; and their Christian ethos which is appropriate for a partner to our Parish.

Prior to any submission for Planning, a copy of the plans for the proposed development will be made available to Parishioners.  Any relevant observations made will be passed on to the Design Team for their consideration.

SOPHIA has agreed to these conditions.

The Parish Pastoral Council and SOPHIA are committed to having a high quality built and well-run facility, which will be an asset to the Parish and to the locality generally. Any proposed development cannot and will not interfere with the laneways that surround the field to the rear of St Lawrence Road and Hollybrook Road.

The Parish Priest has been subjected to a substantial amount of personal abuse and criticism about this initiative  and this is completely inappropriate. The idea for this initiative  came from the Parish Pastoral Council a number of years ago and was supported by the Parish Finance Committee and then by the Archdiocese. Personalising it is unwarranted.                                                                                                                                      If you wish to make any representations in relation to the project please submit your comments to the Parish Pastoral Council using the following email address stantppc@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                      We ask that you do not personalise the matter by contacting our Parish Priest directly or indeed members of the PPC or PFC all of whom are volunteers giving freely of their time to help their local community.

We invite Parishioners and local Residents to join with us and to support us, so that we can together achieve our goals, which is in harmony with a long Christian tradition and grounded in Gospel values, of providing homes for people in need of them, while retaining an improved albeit smaller Parish open space, and a local environment which is enhanced rather than being diminished

Kindest regards

St. Anthony’s Parish Pastoral Council





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