Message and update from Fr. Larry 31st May 2020



After his resurrection, at the moment in which he returned to his Father, Jesus pours out the Spirit upon his disciples and makes them sharers in his own mission.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the disciples went out on the first Pentecost Sunday and began to preach the Good News to peoples from all parts of the then known world.


The Spirit enabled the apostles to speak a message which was understandable to all.  The Spirit enabled them to teach a message that was relevant and understandable to the lives and the concrete realities of peoples of different backgrounds.   The message of Jesus is a universal one, not just in the sense that it has spread right around the world, but above all in that no one, no people is excluded from that message or from the community that Jesus’ message constructs.


The disciples of Jesus are brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit.  You cannot be a solo-Christian.  Christianity is a faith that demands the building of community.  The Church is called, according to the opening words of the Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Church, to be “a sign and a sacrament of the unity in Jesus Christ of all humankind”.  Wherever Church exists, it must be a sign for all to see of unity and community.


We all need community.   Community is not just for the few who are naturally gregarious. We need something more than a vague good neighbourliness based on living next-door to each other without enmity or undue friction.  We all need real community.


In our times – for the first time in human history – more than half of the world’s population lives in an urban setting.   Modernity fosters urban life.  The Archdiocese of Dublin is predominantly an urban diocese, though partly rural. Building urban community is a major challenge.  Where the building of urban community fails, the results come in social breakdown, violence and alienation.  Where urban community is built up, we have that extraordinary sense of care and solidarity which for generations marked the best of our inner cities.  In the current crisis, we have seen great examples of spontaneous community support.


As we return towards a normalisation of Church life, we have to create focal points of community within our huge urban conglomerations. For too long we have given the name “development” to a process of simply building houses on the fringes of our cities, without any of the infrastructures to support community.  Society needs community.


We live in a world in which for many individualism, self-expression and self-sufficiency become the driving force of human activity.   Growth, progress, economic interest and profit can often be pursued for their own sake, without any regard for the consequences for other areas of life, whether on the poor and excluded, or the environment, or on the global good of inclusion.


The freedom given by the Spirit is not an individualistic freedom.  The freedom that comes from the Spirit unites. The freedom that comes from the Spirit overcomes division.   We all need community, but we must all construct community. 


The “Creator Spirit” is the one who helps us steer the path of human progress in another direction, within a framework respectful of God’s design for his creation, forcing us to transform our individualism and self-centeredness into a response of generosity.  Society needs community.  Society needs a Church which witnesses to community and care.


+Diarmuid Martin




The funeral of Neil Halligan R.I.P will take place on Tuesday next 2nd June at 11.00am

Our prayers and sympathy go to Neil’s parents Tom and Breda, brother Oran and sister Ashling, Family Relatives and friends

May He Rest in Peace

The Requiem Mass will be broadcast on the Parish Web-Camera and on loud speakers to the Church car park.  This is due to the social distancing required by government regulations connected to the Corona virus pandemic.

We would  request that social distancing be observed both inside the Church and in the Church Grounds.

We also remember and pray for

Moya Phillips  Castle Grove  and Rose Conlan  Kincora Grove whose funerals took place from St Anthony’s  during the past week.

May the Lord give strength to their  families and friends  at this difficult and painful time                                        

  May they Rest in Peace




This Sunday we celebrate the birthday of the Church.

The word Pentecost means  fifty days after Easter when the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit which empowered them to go out and preach the good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

This year we pray especially for the Spirit to guide and inspire all our young people especially those who were due to be confirmed this year.

Due to the Corona virus it had to be postponed . We hope to invite them to be confirmed in late August.   Further information will be announced shortly.



A sincere thank you to all our parishioners who returned their Easter Dues.  As you are aware this collection goes towards the salaries of all the priests working in the Diocese and those who are ill or retired.

With no Sunday Masses there have been no collections.  All priests have take a 35% decrease in their salaries.  That is understandable and acceptable at this time when so  many people are losing their jobs or taking a cut in their salaries.

Thank you for your kind and generous offerings towards our salaries and the upkeep of the Parish.  If you wish to donate on line please access our Parish Website. 








Every year Trócaire asks for your help during Lent to fund lifesaving programmes around the world.

This year, of course, it was not possible to return Trócaire boxes through schools or parishes in the usual way.  This is the worst possible timing coming just as the world’s poorest people need us most.

Therefore, Trócaire are appealing to you to return your Lenten donation. Simply count or estimate what is in your box and donate in the following ways:

  1. Online at
  2. By phone: 1850 408 408
  3. By post to Trócaire, Maynooth, Co. Kildare .                                                                                                                   You may leave your Trocaire Box on the Altar here in St Anthony’s or drop donations into the letter box for parish office and we will forward the                      amounts to Trocaire 

The Church is open each weekday from 10.30am to 6..45pm

The contents of each and every Trócaire box, no matter how small, come together to make a significant difference.

This virus knows no borders, but neither does our compassion.




Sunday 31st May    Denis Bates Anniv

Monday 1st June:   Rose Conlan Rec Decd.       Tues   2nd June   Donor’s Intentions

Weds      3rd June    Kitty McIntyre  Rec Decd   Thurs  4th June    Donor’s Intentions      Friday     5th June     Altar List of  the Dead        Sat. 6th June   Albert Murphy Rec Decd

Sunday    7th June    Paddy OReilly Remb Mass   




It is lovely to announce that the Church is now open from 10.30am to 6.45pm each weekday and 12.30pm to 6.45pm Sundays.  

  It is an  opportunity to visit, say a prayer, relax and reflect.

Please be aware of the regulations of using Hand Sanitizers on entering and leaving the Church and  social distancing.  

Also please only use  designated seats  .







Mass will be celebrated on Monday to Saturday at 10.00am behind closed doors and on Sunday at 11.30am on our parish webcam

Pope Francis has requested that during the month of May (Dedicated to Our Lady) that churches throughout the world say the Rosary each day.

The Rosary is said in St Anthony’s each evening qt 7.00pm   Please join us our parish web cam

Also a Grotto to Our Lady is erected in the church grounds.  Perhaps when you are out for a much needed walk, you might visit and say the special prayer composed by Pope Francis, or put a flower at the Grotto as a prayer to Our Lady for help at this strange and difficult time.


Postponement of Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


The three parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land that was due to take place in October has been postponed because of the Corona Virus.

It is hoped that it will take place in October 2021. By then, people should be able to travel with a much easier mind.

It is disappointing to have to postpone the pilgrimage, but it is probably the best decision in the current circumstances.




Almighty and All–loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
we pray to you through Christ the Healer
for those who suffer from the Coronavirus Covid–19
in Ireland and across the world.
We pray too for all who reach out to those who mourn the loss
of each and every person who has died as a result of contracting the disease.
Give wisdom to policymakers, skill to healthcare professionals and researchers,
comfort to everyone in distress
and a sense of calm to us all in these days of uncertainty and distress.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
who showed compassion to the outcast,
acceptance to the rejected
and love to those to whom no love was shown. Amen