Journey of St. Anthony



1195                       St. Anthony was born in Lisbon

1206 – 1209     He joined the order of St. Augustine in Sao Vincente

1220                    He left the Augustinians and joined the Franciscans    He then went to Morocco but being unwell he returned to Portugal and got

1221                    blown off course and ended up in Sicily  Went  north to Forli next.   He was becoming  known for his sermons

1224                    Bologna, Montpellier, France,  Limoges

 1225                    Toulouse  By now he was at the height of his career being 36 years old.   He drew large congregations                                                               –                          sometimes 30,000 people to his sermons

 1226                    St. Francis of Assisi died, his great hero

 1227                     He went to Assisi through Arles

 1229                    His first time in Padua

 1230                    He went to Rome

 1231                    He climbed Monte Alverna – the Holy Mountain of St. Francis.      A Friary is now perched on the higher slopes.                                  After 30 days of fasting and prayer he died near this site                     Today in Padua there is a relic of St. Anthony

1232                    He was canonised by Pope Gregory XX