Reports on Issues addressed


Happy New Year everyone.

For some time now, the Parish Pastoral Council of St. Anthony’s has been discussing the homeless crisis with regard to the Gospel teaching and whether our Parish should be doing something to help people in search of a home.  Most recently our discussions have centered around possible use of the Parish field behind the Church.  As we discussed this informally with our Parishioners the suggested plan is to use a substantial portion of the field to house homeless people and to also leave a portion of the field undeveloped.   We have interviewed a number of approved housing agencies who may have an interest in partnering with us to make this a reality.

We have currently distributed over 2,000 copies of a report on our research to date, which included a survey form requesting  Parishioners’ opinions and suggestions around this Project.  Additional copies of the Survey Form are available on the table at the back of the Church or from the Parish Office.

Forms should be returned on or before January 26th.

We are open to good ideas and our goal is to provide a substantial amount of high quality, non intrusive housing for people who are currently homeless, whilst at the same time maintaining the amenity value of the area for the Parishioners.

Please help us to help the Homeless by completing the questionnaire by 26th January 2020.